The Agave Cabinet aims to reflect the uniqueness of the whole mezcal production process. Each batch of mezcal differs from the other; the region, the kind of agave, the particular method, and the skills of the mezcal masters, all, which define the final taste of each product. The Agave Cabinet is a metaphor and a homage to the ancient tradition surrounding the culture of mezcal, its expression is influenced by the heart of the Agave plant (called the piña). The cabinets are produced in wood and metal or brass, each of the sets designed will be slightly different due to the unique skills of the artisans that craft them. The whole of the design, production and process of “The Agave Cabinet” reflects as an analogy of mezcal making. We have made a collaboration with Ceramica Suro producing a series of porcelain bottles, cups and small trays, that are a reinterpretation of the common objects used around the consumption of mezcal. Next to teaming up with Ceramica Suro we have made an alliance with Mezonte, mezcal specialists, who work with small producers that embrace the ancient techniques of mezcal making. The Agave Collection was presented in February 2017 at Zona Maco in Mexico City.